Doing Democratic Education in School and University. Democratic Education als Aufgabe von Schule und Hochschule

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Gabriele Kulhanek-Wehlend, Sabine Hofmann-Reiter, Harald Knecht, Stefanie Wagner, Oliver Wagner, Evelyn Süss-Stepancik, Ruth Petz

Sonderband 4

ISBN 978-3-643-51132-4
Jahr 2023
Seiten 316
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Reihe PH Wien – Forschungsperspektiven

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This volume was produced within the framework of the Erasmus+ project „LabSchoolsEurope – Participatory Research for Democratic Education“ and brings together the experiences and expertise of practitioners and theoreticians. It is dedicated to the implementation of Democratic Education into school and university. By illustrating democratic-educational innovations and practices, school projects, good practice examples or teaching sequences this volume should serve as a source of inspiration for all interested educators.

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