Inclusive Religious Education

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Bert Roebben, Katharina Kammeyer (Eds.)

International Perspectives

ISBN 978-3-643-90355-6
Band-Nr. 12
Jahr 2014
Seiten 240
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Reihe Dortmunder Beiträge zu Theologie und Religionspädagogik


To which extend is diversity perceived and recognized as a
resource in contemporary religious education in schools and
congregations? What happens with children and their teachers
when classrooms shift into inclusive learning communities,
where all are invited to learn from their abilities and
vulner-abilities? This book offers theoretical and empirical
insights into the complex domain of inclusive religious
education. It brings together scholars working on the
intersection of theological, educational and dis/ability

Bert Roebben is Professor of Religious
Education at Dortmund University.

Katharina Kammeyer is Senior Researcher of Religious
Education at Dortmund University.