Gothic Transgressions

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Ellen Redling, Christian Schneider (Eds.)

Extension and Commercialization of a Cultural Mode

ISBN 978-3-643-90364-8
Band-Nr. 19
Jahr 2015
Seiten 288
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Reihe Kultur: Forschung und Wissenschaft

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The articles in this volume discuss specific ways in which
the Gothic transgresses boundaries, be they historical,
spatial, national, aesthetic, generic, modal, medial or
sexual. Offering a wide range in every respect – from
`Proto‘ to `Post-Gothic‘, from mythical to digital, from
national to `Globalgothic‘, from metropolitan to
`EcoGothic‘, from traditional to `Candygothic‘, from novel
to film and from Shakespeare to Steampunk – this collection
aims to enrich as well as extend the scholarly debate on the
Gothic as a multi-faceted mode of expression that goes
beyond limits and, much like a vampire, constantly refreshes
itself by feeding on the lifeblood of topical issues.

Ellen Redling teaches English literature and
culture at the English Department of the University of

Christian Schneider teaches English, German and Literary
Studies at the University of Heidelberg.