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Daniela Elsner, Sissy Helff, Britta Viebrock (Eds.)

Developing Multiliteracies in Foreign Language Education – An Interdisciplinary Approach

ISBN 978-3-643-90390-7
Band-Nr. 2
Jahr 2013
Seiten 224
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Reihe Fremdsprachendidaktik in globaler Perspektive


This book brings together two main disciplines, namely cultural studies and language education both of which share a long standing interest in films, multimodal text-forms and visuals. It highlights the increasing impact of visuals and multimodal texts on our perception of the world, our discourse behaviour and how this calls for a change in methodologies and media to be used in foreign language classrooms. The aim of this book is to help orientate educators in schools and teachers at universities within the broad concept of a mutliliteracies approach and contextualise it with regard to teaching and learning English as a foreign language.

Dr. Daniela Elsner and Dr. Britta Viebrock are both specialists in the field of TEFL, working as Professors at the Institute of English and American Studies at Goethe-University, Frankfurt/Main.

Dr. Sissy Helff, currently working at the TU Darmstadt, is an Anglicist with a broad range of interests in Anglophone world literature, transcultural studies and visual culture.