If Billy Sunday comes to town – delusion as a religious experience?

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Cor Arends

The biography of Anton T. Boisen from the perspective of foundational theology

ISBN 978-3-643-90479-9
Band-Nr. 4
Jahr 2014
Seiten 272
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Reihe Nijmegen Studies in Theology

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How to analyze delusional thinking? Foundational theology
can give a contribution to understanding religious delusions
as a search for meaning. This book explores how a religious
delusion can be acknowledged as a religious experience. In
addition, the book presents a detailed case-study of the
life of Presbyterian minister Anton T. Boisen (1876-1965),
his crises and the religious delusion that brought him to
the brink of the abyss after the trauma he experienced
during World War I.

Delusion is seen as a way of experiencing and speaking in
which rationality seems to be lost and, at the same time, as
a construction to prevent further defragmentation of the

Dr. Cor Arends (1953) is a clinical pastor
working in a psychiatric clinic at GGZcentraal Amersfoort.