Nijmegen Studies in Theology

Nijmegen Studies in Theology emerges from a tradition that incorporates
the enlarged hermeneutical and expanded cultural approaches of research
into systematic theology. It is focused on a constructivist approach of
foundational theology that wants to make room for an (re-)interpretation
of religious traditions in light of the variety and complexity of human
experiences. Nowadays, human experiences are embedded in pluralist meaning
systems and symbolic worlds and theology has to pay due attention to
mechanisms and structures of social, psychological, economic, global and
cultural power relationships between peoples, women and men. The series
covers themes taken from rich and diverse fields of theology, philosophy
and aesthetics; and disciplines of spirituality, social sciences and
cultural studies as well. Although Nijmegen Studies in Theology originally
is an endeavor to renew theology from a European point of view, it
consciously strives after breaking through the one-sidedness of
ethnocentric and/or euro-centered ways of doing theology. It is focused
on a continuous process of transformation of local, regional and global
theological idioms.

Herausgegeben von: Prof. Dr. Johan Buitendag, Prof. Dr. Sathianathan Clarke, Prof. Dr. Maaike de Haardt, Dr. Elisabeth Hense, Prof. Dr. Lieve Troch, Prof. Dr. Toine van den Hoogen


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