Dialogue in the Global World

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Janez Juhant, Vojko Strahovnik (Eds.)

From Ideologies to Persons

ISBN 978-3-643-90497-3
Band-Nr. 1
Jahr 2014
Seiten 144
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Reihe Philosophy in Dialogue / Philosophie im Dialog

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The book addresses the challenges and opportunities of
dialogue in today’s world from a philosophical, theological,
anthropological, and sociological perspective. Since
contemporary societies and cultures are characterized by
growing conflicts, loss of trust, globalized
interdependence, the fragility of certain individual
identities and the prevalence of select collective
identities, questions concerning dialogue are of crucial
importance. The contributions look into topics as:
intercultural and interreligious dialogue, the challenges
for dialogue in post-communist societies in the context of
modernity, the relationship between various philosophical
and theological outlooks (Christian feminist theology,
American pragmatism, Vattimo) and dialogue, and the role of
dialogue in a quest for universalism and global justice.

Janez Juhant is Professor of Philosophy at
the Faculty of Theology, University of Ljubljana, and a
member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts,

Vojko Strahovnik is Assist. Professor of Philosophy and
Research Associate at the Faculty of Theology, University of