Philosophy in Dialogue / Philosophie im Dialog

The Philosophy in Dialogue series is dedicated to publishing books that contribute importantly to the scholarship in philosophy related to key global challenges. By emphasizing the dialogical nature of philosophy and including interdisciplinary perspectives, the series aims to address a scope of issues related to global justice and globalization, multiculturalism, dialogue, reconciliation, democracy, public sphere and public policies, social justice, moral theory, human rights, human dignity and responsibility, and the foundations of European culture.

Herausgegeben von/Edited by Prof. Dr. Janez Juhant, Ass. Prof. Dr. Vojko Strahovnik

International editorial and advisory board:
Stefano Colloca, University of Pavia (Italy), Bruno Curko, Institute for philosophy, Zagreb (Croatia), Reinhold Esterbauer, University of Graz (Austria), Tomas Kacerauskas, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Lithuania), Theo Kobusch, University of Bonn (Germany), Seppo Sajama, University of Eastern Finland (Finland), Santiago Sia, Milltown Institute, National University of Ireland, Dublin (Ireland), Bojan ŽZalec, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)



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