Religion, Violence, and Ideology

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Vojko Strahovnik, Bojan Zalec (Eds.)

Reflections on the Challenges of Postmodern World

ISBN 978-3-643-90774-5
Band-Nr. 3
Jahr 2016
Seiten 108
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Reihe Philosophy in Dialogue / Philosophie im Dialog


The question about the role of religion as a factor of
overcoming violence and of fostering intercultural dialogue
is among the key challenges of the postmodern world. The
contributions in the book specifically focus on the
interplay between the phenomena of religion, ideology, and
violence. The topics addressed include the question of
origins of violence in secular modernity, radical Islamism
and totalitarianism, the relationship between faith,
humility and theological vision of peace, the relationship
between metaphysics and violence, anthropology of myth and
violence, gender-based violence, democracy, human rights,
cosmopolitan justice and religion, and religious communities
as agents of hospitality.

Vojko Strahovnik is Assistant Professor of
Philosophy and Research Associate at the Faculty of
Theology, University of Ljubljana.

Bojan Žalec is Senior Research Fellow and Head of the
Institute of Philosophy and Social Ethics at the Faculty of
Theology, University of Ljubljana.