Macroeconomic Policy Formation in Africa – Country Cases

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Karl Wohlmuth, Achim Gutowski, Magda Kandil, Tobias Knedlik, Osmund O. Uzor (Eds.)

ISBN 978-3-643-90522-2
Band-Nr. 17
Jahr 2014
Seiten 368
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Reihe African Development Perspectives Yearbook

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Volume 17 of the African Development Perspectives Yearbook
with the title Macroeconomic Policy Formation in
Africa – Country Cases considers three major issues:

First, the volume considers macroeconomic policies
in post-conflict countries, especially by reviewing the
growth, social progress and public finance strategies. Also
the reconstruction of macroeconomic policy institutions is
considered. Sudan and South Sudan are the country cases

Second, the volume contains analyses of
macroeconomic policy formation in West Africa. Country case
studies are presented on Nigeria and Senegal; also the
feasibility of a second West African Monetary Zone (WAMZ) in
ECOWAS beside of the West African Communauté Financière
Africaine (CFA) Franc Zone is analyzed.

Third, the volume has a large section with Book
Reviews and Book Notes, covering studies on macroeconomic
policy formation and institutions by researchers and experts
from universities, governments, donors and international

Volume 17 is complementary to Volume 16 with the title
Macroeconomic Policy Formation in Africa – General
Issues. Volume 16 presented new macroeconomic policy
frameworks for Africa and new macroeconomic strategies for
the Arab Spring countries in Nord Africa. The new
Volume 17 and the prior Volume 16 provide a systematic
review and an evidence-based evaluation of macroeconomic
policy formation processes in Africa.