Identity in Dialogue

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Didier Pollefeyt, Jan Bouwens

Assessing and enhancing Catholic school identity. Research methodology and research results in Catholic schools in Victoria, Australia

ISBN 978-3-643-90550-5
Band-Nr. 1
Jahr 2014
Seiten 472
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Reihe Christian Religious Education and School Identity


The Enhancing Catholic School Identity Project
(ECSIP) is a research and implementation project aimed at
assessing and enhancing the identity of Catholic schools.

Situated in increasingly pluralising cultural contexts,
Catholic schools face the challenge of
Recontextualising their identity in a culturally
plausible and theologically legitimate way. To this end,
ECSIP has developed a suite of empirical instruments that
provide an in-depth analysis of a school’s current, as well
as desired, identity in a statistically reliable way. After
describing and interpreting the results, the empirical
insights lead to well-informed recommendations aimed at the
identity development of Catholic schools, with a normative
preference for the Recontextualising Dialogue
School model as the way to enhance Catholic identity in a
context of diversity. In this manner, ECSIP supports
on-going processes of (self-) assessment that form the basis
for continuing dynamics of (self-) improvement of the
identity of Catholic educational institutions.

Prof. Dr. Didier Pollefeyt (1965) is a full
professor at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies
and Vice President for Education KU Leuven.

Drs. Jan Bouwens (1978) has studied philosophy in both
Antwerp and Amsterdam, and theology in Leuven.