Shrine Pilgrimage in Northeastern Iran

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Mehdi Ebadi

A Study on the Forms, Impacts, and Significants of the Visits

ISBN 978-3-643-90568-0
Band-Nr. 8
Jahr 2015
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Reihe Tourismus – Beiträge zu Wissenschaft und Praxis


One of the most obvious and striking features of Iran is the
presence of numerous shrines. Millions of Iranians come to
visit these shrines, which besides religious and spiritual
significances have enormous cultural, historical or
architectural importance for their visitors. Among the most
important shrines in Northeastern Iran, is the shrine of
Khaled Nabi, which occupies a special position among
Turkmen minority. This work seeks to gain an understanding
about the general approach of the visitors to Khaled
Nabi as a religious pilgrimage and/or a secular tourism

Mehdi Ebadi is researcher in Human Geography
at the Institute of Geography, University of Heidelberg,