For (Dear) Life

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Eva-Sabine Zehelein (Hg.)

Close Readings of Alice Munro’s Ultimate Fiction

ISBN 978-3-643-90575-8
Band-Nr. 7
Jahr 2014
Seiten 160
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When Canadian Alice Munro was awarded the Nobel Prize for
Literature in 2013, she had already declared her resignation
from the post of short story writer with the publication of
her 2012 collection Dear Life. The present volume
offers a critical analyses of Alice Munro’s complete final
short story collection. The contributions exercise in-depth
close readings of each individual story and situate them in
Munro’s lifetime oeuvre as well as in her work’s
critical reception to date. Fourteen young scholars set out
to show how complex, irritating, disturbing and enchanting
Munro’s stories are, and how often all that counts is to
hold life dear – or to hold on for (dear) life.

Eva-Sabine Zehelein is currently acting Chair
of American Studies at the University of Regensburg. In
2013, she was Visiting Professor at the University of
Alberta with a research project on Alice Munro.