The Migrant Crisis: European Perspectives and National Discourses

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Melani Barlai, Birte Fähnrich, Christina Griessler, Markus Rhomberg (Hg.)

ISBN 978-3-643-90802-5
Band-Nr. 13
Jahr 2017
Seiten 386
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Reihe Studien zur politischen Kommunikation. Studies in Political Communication


For a long time migration to Europe has been a subordinate
issue on the public agenda. But with the recent wave of
refugees from Arab and African countries, the question of
how the EU, national governments and societies are able to
cope with the arrival of millions of migrants, has become a
core theme of public discourse. This volume displays the
debates for the countries which are on the migration routes
or which are among the most desired targets, hence are the
most affected. The book thus attempts to give a broader –
European – perspective on the migrant crisis and its public

Melani Barlai is research assistant for the
Network for Political Communication (netPOL) at the
Andrássy University Budapest.

Birte Fähnrich, Dr. rer. pol. is a postdoctoral fellow at
the Chair of Political Communication at Zeppelin University
Friedrichshafen and a research fellow for netPOL.

Christina Griessler, Dr. phil. is a research fellow for
netPOL at the Andrássy University Budapest.

Markus Rhomberg, Prof. Dr. is Chair of Political
Communication and Head of the Centre on Political
Communication at Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen.