Science, Technology and Innovation Policies for Inclusive Growth in Africa

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Reuben A. Alabi, Achim Gutowski, Nazar Mohamed Hassan, Tobias Knedlik, Samia Satti Osman Mohamed Nour, Karl Wohlmuth

General issues and country cases

ISBN 978-3-643-91042-4
Band-Nr. 20
Jahr 2018
Seiten 596
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Reihe African Development Perspectives Yearbook

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The volume analyses how to make Science,
Technology and Innovation (STI) Policies relevant for
inclusive growth strategies in Africa.The base for a
transformative STI policy is to link the STI policies to
Africa’s economic transformation policies. In a first part
the general issues of introducing effective STI policies are
presented. In a second part country case studies highlight
the new approach. Cases such as Sudan and Nigeria are
analysed, as these two countries have a long history of STI
development; because of different history, size and
structure they need to move in different directions towards
a coherent STI policy for inclusive growth.