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Hadwig Kraeutler

The Work and Life of Alma S. Wittlin (1899-1991)

ISBN 978-3-643-91200-8
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Jahr 2023
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Reihe Emigration – Exil – Kontinuität.

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Alma S. Wittlin (1899 – 1991) was an
innovative museologist and educational researcher. She
focused on harnessing the specific potentials of museums and
exhibitions for social development and, in turn, challenged
the field in an egalitarian and anti-hegemonic way.
Originally an art historian and writer based in Vienna, she
became an independent international scholar after her
emigration in 1937.

Exploring Wittlin’s writings, unpublished sources,
contemporary research and current literature, this
multi-disciplinary biographical account re-establishes and
revalidates a female contribution to museum history.

Hadwig Kraeutler (Austria) is a museologist
(Ph.D., Leicester, UK), curator and art educator. Her
research interests include heritage, learning and exile