The Field of ‚Between‘

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Hisaki Hashi

Volume 1 – At the Limits of Cognitive Science and Philosophy

ISBN 978-3-643-91212-1
Band-Nr. 9
Jahr 2023
Seiten 210
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Reihe Komparative Philosophie für eine globale Welt

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Cognitive science has reached a peak in the past few decades. This science conceives of mental life as consisting of bundles of information that can be quantified and digitally transmitted: a revolution in the history of humanity. However, an innovation also brings with it new problems. Whether (and how) present-day philosophy will come to terms with the rapid progress of cognitive science depends on our ability to reflect on the intersection of the two disciplines. In this book, the „Between“ is an interactive zone of intermediating different ways of thinking, systems, and disciplines.

Univ.-Doz. (Dr. habil.) Dr. Hashi, member of the Department of Philosophy, University of Vienna; Professor of Philosophy (visiting professor), GSSR / Polish Academy of Sciences