What is Good Folk High School Pedagogy?

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Michael Noah Weiss (Ed.)

Seven Philosophical Investigations in Dialogue Form

ISBN 978-3-643-91234-3
Band-Nr. 3
Jahr 2023
Seiten 234
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Reihe Reflective Practice Research

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The Nordic Folk High Schools are known for their unique pedagogical approaches. These schools have little in common with the conventional education system. In this anthology, experienced folk high school teachers share and examine concrete examples from their own pedagogical practice. In the course of these dialogues, various perspectives and ideas come to the fore on what it might be that constitutes good folk high school pedagogy.

Dr. Michael Noah Weiss is associate professor in pedagogy at the University of South-Eastern Norway and author of several research publications on folk high school.

The other authors of this anthology are: 
  • Filippa Millenberg (Linköping University)
  • Kjetil Hareide Hallre (Ringerike Folkehøyskole)
  • Steinar Bryn (Nansen Akademi)
  • Benedicte Hambro (Arbeiderbevegelsens Folkehøyskole)
  • Sigurd Ohrem (Sandefjord Folkehøyskole)
  • Johan Lövgren (University of South-Eastern Norway)
  • Brita Phuthi: OsloMet


DOI: https://doi.org/10.52038/9783643912343