Mapping Youth Religiosity in Santiago de Chile

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Catalina Cerda-Planas

Contributions to the theological and pastoral reflection on youth and transcendence

ISBN 978-3-643-91626-6
Band-Nr. 36
Jahr 2023
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Reihe Empirische Theologie/Empirical Theology

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This research aimed to generate more complex knowledge regarding youth religiosity in Santiago de Chile. Following Van der Ven’s proposal, an empirical-theological study was developed, guided by three main questions: How is youth religiosity in Santiago today configured? What personal and social factors influence it? And what contributions does this knowledge bring to theological and pastoral reflection? Using a Mixed Method (qual-QUAN) five dimensions were explored: beliefs, events of contact, practices, consequences in daily life, and groups of reference. The results were a valuable contribution to the available knowledge and theological reflection in dialogue with „lived religion“.

Catalina Cerda-Planas, Ph.D. in Practical Theology from the UC (Chile) and the JMU (Würzburg, DE); researcher at the Institut für Weltkirche und Mission in Sankt Georgen and the Universidad Silva Henríquez (Chile).