Philosophy, Inquiry and Children

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Arie Kizel

Community of Thinkers in Education

ISBN 978-3-643-91645-7
Band-Nr. 30
Jahr 2023
Seiten 170
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Reihe Philosophie in der Schule/Philosophy in Schools/Philosophie à l’École


What is Philosophy for/with Children and its challenges around the world today? This book contributes to the discussion about the main issues regarding Philosophy for/with Children. Among them: Communication Discourse and Education Discourse; Philosophy for/with Children in an Inevitable Conflict; The „Shadow Adults Cast over Childhood“ and the „Pedagogy of Fear“; Philosophy for/with children as a social activism encourager; Self-Determined Learning in Philosophy with Children; Philosophical Inquiry Concepts in Teacher Education/Training and Philosophical Inquiry in Virtual Communities

Prof. Arie Kizel (PhD) is Associate Professor at the Department of Learning and Instructional Sciences, Faculty of Education, University of Haifa (Israel).