Misinformation about Israel and Antisemitic Views in School Textbooks?

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Melanie Carina Schmoll

The Case of Germany

ISBN 978-3-643-91682-2
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Jahr 2024
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Teaching and education mirror what societies want to preserve, initiate, and pass along. Thus, the impact of teachers and school textbooks cannot be overestimated. It is absolutely necessary, therefore, to ensure high-quality textbooks, which convey balanced views as well as intellectual and unbiased approaches to the topics. The present study by historian and Holocaust education expert Dr. Melanie Carina Schmoll, PhD, offers a fresh approach to analyzing the subjects of Jews, Judaism, current Israel and the Arab-Israeli and Israeli-Palestinian conflicts in curricula and relevant textbooks. The study indicates the status of information, problematic content, or words in curricula and history textbooks used in the German province of North Rhine-Westphalia. Besides analyzing and just denouncing mistakes, the study also provides options for an exchange of difficult and/ or incorrect content in the textbooks. The study assists authors and editors to write and develop unbiased textbooks in the future.

Dr. Melanie Carina Schmoll is an independent author, editor, advisor, speaker, lecturer, and research fellow. She received her doctorate from the University of Hamburg, Germany. Dr. Schmoll holds an MA and BA degree in the fields of History, Political Science and Philosophy.