For a Philosophy of Aniconism in the Islam

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Almir Ibric

ISBN 978-3-8258-1051-1
Band-Nr. 15
Jahr 2008
Seiten 56
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Reihe Religionswissenschaft/Religious Studies

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In this first english book about (islamic) philosophy and
the topic of aniconism in islam the interested readers will
be informed about the existence, the sense as well as the
qualitative but not quantitative effect of the aniconism on
the so-called art of the islam. In islam, aniconism is
regarded as a law of the revelation and it serves the
searching for the good, for order, harmony and aesthetics of
life, for god, the almighty creator of existence. Aniconism
is much more than a ban of pictures! Is there also a
connection between atomism, tattoous ruh, ijhaz, materialism
and jahiliyya?

The Author Almir Ibric was born 1974 in Visegrad, Bosnia.
Studies of philosophy and art history at the University of Vienna (Master
degree in Philosophy 2003), Doctor degree in Philosophy (PhD) in islamic
and intercultural Philosophy 2006. Current position: working for Viennas’s
administration at the municipial department for integration and diversity
(personal main theme: Islam) since 2005. The author is also interested
in Islamic theology. Previous publications: 3 books about the topic of
Islamic aniconism. Please visit the website of the author and find more
information about this topic and the author’s future projects: