New Growth and Poverty Alleviation Strategies for Africa – Institutional and Local Perspectives

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Karl Wohlmuth, Reuben Adeolu Alabi, Philippe Burger, Achim Gutowski, Afeikhena Jerome, Tobias Knedlik, Mareike Meyn, Tino Urban (Eds.)

ISBN 978-3-8258-1966-8
Band-Nr. 14
Jahr 2009
Seiten 576
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Reihe African Development Perspectives Yearbook

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This Volume XIV analyses the „NEW GROWTH AND POVERTY ALLEVIATION STRATEGIES FOR AFRICA“. Institutional issues and perspectives in designing new growth and poverty alleviation strategies are considered in various case studies (Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Botswana and Tanzania). Other studies deal with institutional problems of resource-rich countries after conflict (Sudan), and with the institutions to enhance environmental protection parallel with economic growth and poverty reduction (Niger). Further studies deal with institutions to bridge the gap between formal and informal entrepreneurial sectors in Kenya and Tanzania. Local issues and perspectives for designing new growth and poverty alleviation strategies are considered in case studies on rural-urban development gaps in Tanzania, and on microfinance as an instrument for new growth and poverty alleviation strategies (Tanzania and Eritrea). A study on small farmers in Ghana provides information on the role they can play in value chains. Two studies on Nigeria highlight the local and the sub-regional health and poverty alleviation programmes and the relation to growth. Book Reviews and Book Notes on the theme are part of the volume. This Volume builds the foundation for a comprehensive strategy of policy reforms in Africa so as to integrate new growth and poverty alleviation strategies. Complementary to Volume XIV is Volume XIII on „NEW GROWTH AND POVERTY ALLEVIATION STRATEGIES FOR AFRICA – INTERNATIONAL AND REGIONAL PERSPECTIVES“. Both Volumes are of importance for all those who work in African countries as officials, executives, managers, researchers, and policy-makers, but also for all those who actively support Africa’s development concerns at the international, regional, country, local and project levels. They will experience this Volume XIV and also the complementary Volume XIII as indispensable sources of insight, reference and inspiration.