Towards Religious Competence

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Hans-Günter Heimbrock, Christoph Th. Scheilke, Peter Schreiner (ed.)

Diversity as a Challenge for Education in Europe

ISBN 978-3-8258-5015-3
Band-Nr. 3
Jahr 2001
Seiten 296
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Reihe Schriften aus dem Comenius-Institut

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Scholars around Europe reflect on the changing role of religious education
in a time of growing pluralism in Europe and across the world. The various
contributions from different European countries (England and Wales,
Germany, Netherlands, and Norway) focus on the debate about the existing
multicultural and multireligious situation in European societies.
Difference and diversity, especially of religion, is seen as a challenge
for education in Europe. The chapters mention trends and common challenges
for religious education. As a key term of religious education „religious
competence“ is introduced. It includes the ability to deal with religious
pluralism and differences in a constructive way. It is argued that
contextual religious education facilitates a new religious competence.

The readers get also detailed information about current developments in
the field of religious education in some European countries.


Cok Bakker (Netherlands), Judith Everington (England), Leslie J. Francis
(England), Elisabet Haakedal (Norway), Hans-Günter Heimbrock (Germany),
Robert Jackson (England), William K. Kay (Wales), Heid Leganger-Krogstad
(Norway), Thomas A. Lotz (Germany), Siebren Miedema (Netherlands), Eleanor
Nesbitt (England), Sissel Østberg (Norway), Christoph Th. Scheilke
(Germany), Peter Schreiner (Germany), Pat Sikes (England), Geir Skeie
(Norway), Heinz Streib (Germany), Willem L. Wardekker (Netherlands)

Hans-Günter Heimbrock is Professor in
Practical Theology and Religious Education in the Faculty
of Protestant Theology, Goethe University Frankfurt/Main,

Christoph Th. Scheilke is Director of the Comenius-Institut,
Protestant Centre for Education in Muenster, Germany, and
honorary Professor for Religious Education in the Faculty of
Protestant Theology at the University of Muenster.

Peter Schreiner is educational researcher (Dipl. Pädagoge)
and academic staff member of the Comenius-Institut.