Post-Holocaust Religious Education for German Women

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Gabriele Mayer

ISBN 978-3-8258-6145-7
Band-Nr. 18
Jahr 2003
Seiten 224
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Reihe Tübinger Perspektiven zur Pastoraltheologie und Religionspädagogik


Post-Holocaust Religious Education focuses on experiences of second- and
third generation non-Jewish German women, highlighting their dual roles as
both descendants of a perpetrator community and victims of a patriarchal
system. How can they learn to face this perpetrator heritage and integrate
it into their identity as women, as Germans, and as Christians? Drawing
from a review of literature and empirical field studies, Mayer concludes
by offering a relational approach to religious education; an approach
towards a more constructive interaction between Jewish and Christian

Dr. Gabriele Mayer. Diaconal Minister of Württembergische
Landeskirche. 2000 Ph.D. in Religious Education at Claremont School of
Theology, CA. Secretary of Women’s and Gender Desk at EMS, an association
of churches and missions in Germany with partners in Africa, Asia and Near