The Polarity of Dynamics and Form

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Lasse Halme

The Basic Tension in Paul Tillich’s Thinking

ISBN 978-3-8258-6316-6
Band-Nr. 4
Jahr 2003
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Reihe Tillich-Studien – Beihefte

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Paul Tillich is one of the great theologians of the last
Century. The polarity of dynamics and form is one of the
starting points of his System. This analysis shows that
there is an inner tension in Tillich’s thinking: he wants to
include the three functions of life – self-integration,
self-creation, and self-transcendence – in one system
and there are three corresponding views about the polarity
of dynamics and form. This leads to many conceptual
problems. If we are ready to accept Tillich’s system as
coherent, we will have to accept this kind of dialectical
thinking. The polarity of dynamics and form helps us to
understand the different and partly conflicting
interpretations of Tillich’s views.

Lasse Halme, Doctor of Theology (University
of Helsinki), Head of the Department for Education in the
Lutheran Parish Union of Helsinki.