Arts Therapy: Recognized Discipline or Soul-Graffiti?

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Line Kossolapow, Sarah Scoble (eds.)

Approaches, Applications, Evaluations Abstract Book of the 7th bi-annual European Arts Therapies Conference

ISBN 978-3-8258-7182-7
Band-Nr. 3
Jahr 2003
Seiten 200
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Reihe Kunst – Kreativität – Therapie – Materialien

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The series Arts – Creativity – Therapies is intended to help to satisfy the
increasing demand for non-fiction books concerning interventions with
artistic-creative media on the basis of gaining social-scientific – educational-scientific insight. Experience and field research examples are
in the foreground here. In other words, the intention is to speak about
practice governed by theory, but also to communicate the fundamentals
of art and creativity which make it possible for the experts to keep up
close contacts with newer developments in science and art. The function
of the word „Therapy“ is to express the relation to application in a
professionalisation which covers the pre-school, school, university,
clinical, advisory as well as the rehabilitatory sector. It is a response to
the necessity for an all-encompassing professional orientation – with a
helping, instructing, informing, supporting purpose. Teachers and
educators, social workers and social educators, arts and creative
therapists, music and exercise therapists, formative and occupational
therapists as well as arts and museum educators, remedial and special
educators should all be able to benefit from this series. The involvement
of artistic-creative media serves to improve healing chances as well as
increase the quality of life and acquire strategies which help to cope with
particular pressures of life.