Visions of Nature

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Riyan J.G. van den Born, Wouter T. de Groot, Rob H.J. Lenders (Eds.)

A scientific exploration of people’s implicit philosophies regarding nature in Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom

ISBN 978-3-8258-9008-2
Band-Nr. 4
Jahr 2006
Seiten 264
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Reihe Kultur: Forschung und Wissenschaft

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`Visions of nature‘ are the ideas that people hold of what
nature is and how we should relate to it. These visions –
besides being a dynamic cultural phenomenon worthy of
scientific study for its own sake – are important for the
design of democratically grounded landscape and nature

Drawing from a wide range of disciplines from the social
sciences, the humanities and ecology, this volume reports on
the growing scientific insights in visions of nature in
Europe. Aspects covered are the long term dynamics of
relationships between people and nature connected to
land-use and urbanisation, landscape preferences related to
views on nature, the structure and distribution of images
such as stewardship of nature, partnership with nature and
`deep ecology‘ views, visions of nature as elicited in
discussions with groups of adults and children, the role of
emotional affinity to nature and of sudden disastrous events
such as a river flood, the cultural construction of visions
of nature through mass media and the ways in which
ecologists translate their scientific visions of nature into
criteria and images for policy making.