Good Practice in Religious Education in Europe

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Peter Schreiner, Friedhelm Kraft, Andrew Wright (Eds.)

Examples and Perspectives of Primary Schools

ISBN 978-3-8258-9076-6
Band-Nr. 15
Jahr 2007
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Case studies from different countries are presented with examples of
successful and innovative classroom practice in religious education in
Primary Schools in Europe. Religious education contributes to learning
about religions that focuses on knowledge and understanding of religions and
beliefs in the world today and learning from religions that offers
students opportunities for personal reflection and spiritual developments
and also to learning through religions that
brings these aims together in a more integrated way, different
approaches to religious education in the countries.
The articles reflect underline the relation between religious education, the
wider curriculum and whole school initiatives.

With contributions from Austria (Gerlind Herrgesell and Helmar Pollitt),
Bulgaria (Bojidar Andonov), England and Wales (Derek Bastide), Estonia
(Pille Valk and Olga Schihalejev), Finland (Sari Nevalainen and Juha
Luodeslampi), Germany (Petra Freudenberger-Lötz and Friedhelm Kraft),
Italy (Maria Luisa Mazzarello), the Netherlands (Henk Kuindersma and Johan
Valstar), Northern Ireland (James Nelson) and Norway (Elisabeth K. Haanes
and Heid Leganger-Krogstad).