Modernity and Belonging

A striking aspect of recent processes of globalization is
that they reinforce throughout the globe – in the North as
much as in the South – a preoccupation with belonging and a
re-affirmation of old and new boundaries by evoking or even
"re-imagining" tradition. Global flows seem to be
inherently intertwined with attempts at closure. Now that
the nation-state is losing much of its self-evidence as the
bearer of "modernization", other forms of belonging –
localist, regionalist but also, for instance, religious
ones – appears to compete with national citizenship as
identity markers, often with violent consequences. This
series aims to explore in a comparative perspective varying
configurations emerging from this precarious intertwinement
of modernity and belonging in different parts of the South.

edited by Prof. Dr. Peter Geschiere and Prof. Dr. Birgit Meyer


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