The Arts in Language Teaching

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Olivier Mentz, Micha Fleiner (eds)

International Perspectives: Performative – Aesthetic – Transversal

ISBN 978-3-643-80285-9
Band-Nr. 8
Jahr 2018
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„If you already have a piece of music ingrained in
your body, why would you not play it?“
(Keith Jarrett)

Taking Jarrett’s thought one step further, one could ask: If
you already have a sense of play, rhythm, or movement
ingrained in your body, why would you not perform it?
Drawing on the transdisciplinary and hybrid nature of human
communication, this volume is based on the idea of a
fruitful dialogue between languages, aesthetic education,
and performing arts. Scholars from all continents have
contributed to this anthology – a sign of the growing
interest worldwide in promoting the vision of teaching and
learning foreign languages with head, heart, hands and feet.

Olivier Mentz is Vice-President of the
Franco-German University. Micha Fleiner holds a PhD in
Performative Foreign Language Didactics.