Paths toward a Science of Welfare and Care

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Ilse Arlt

Edited and provided with an afterword by Maria Maiss. Work edition Ilse Arlt, Vol. 4

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Jahr 2016
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Reihe Soziale Arbeit – Social Issues

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In her late work „Paths toward a Science of
Welfare and Care“ Ilse Arlt (1876 – 1960), the Austrian
pioneer of scientific social work, summarizes the central
points of her theory of social-welfare-oriented,
individualized social work, which is anchored in poverty and
wellbeing reseach. According to Arlt help can turn into
self-help only if the helper strengthens the capacity of the
individual to make their own decisions and consume
creatively. Therefore, the concept of „creative consuming“
is a major aspect of her needs-based theory.

Maria Maiss teaches history, theories and
ethics of social work at the University of Applied Studies
in St. Pölten and at the Universities of Vienna and Graz.