Luther and Melanchthon in the Educational Thought of Central and Eastern Europe

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Reinhard Golz; Wolfgang Mayrhofer (ed.)

ISBN 978-3-8258-3490-5
Band-Nr. 10
Jahr 1998
Seiten 232
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Reihe Texte zur Theorie und Geschichte der Bildung

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The contributions in this volume deal with influences of Reformators and
of the Reformation as a whole on the contemporary and
intellectual-cultural and especially pedagogical developments in
selected countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The issues of which way
pedagogical ideas of the Reformation spread internationally are questioned
and problematised, and the people who played a role in this process are
addressed. It also investigates which Protestant educational institutions,
foundations, etc. exist today, and whether lines of tradition go back to
the origins, or were re-animated in the last years. Additionally, it deals
with aspects of the reception of Luther and Melanchthon in international
pedagogical historiography. The contributions of the 30 authors from
Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Hungary, and
Germany are connected to the discussion of the relationship of tradition
and innovation in times of social upheaval.

Reinhard Golz ist Professor an der Universität Magdeburg.

Wolfgang Mayrhofer ist wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter an der
Universität Magdeburg.