The term ContactZone was coined in postcolonial discourse to signify the
place where cultures and religions meet. It implies that first contact, cultural-religious
exchange and conflict have always been determined by power-relations. Through
making use of communication theories, hermeneutics and aesthetics intercultural
theology generates new terminologies and theoretical tools to explore these
interactions. Its scope ranges from issues such as dialogue and syncretism to
fundamentalism and ethnicity. Perspectives of culture, religion, race, class and gender
alike are involved in the necessary multi-axial approach. ContactZone is going
to create a space where a choir of multiple voices is responding to the challenges of
the cultural religious pluralism of the 21st century.

edited by

Prof. Dr. Volker Küster (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz)

Editorial Board
Prof. Dr. Werner Jeanrond (Oxford),
Prof. Dr. Tinyiku Maluleke (University of Johannesburg),
Prof. Dr. Philip Wickeri (GTU, Berkeley, CA and HKSKH, Hong Kong)


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