Ecology and Economy in Anthropology

The book series Ecology and Economy in Anthropology publishes ethnographic research at the intersection of environmental and economic anthropology concerns in the 21st century. The monographs published in the series all shed light on how environmental and economic issues are interrelated and shaped by historical, colonial and post-colonial processes in a „glocal“ world from a local perspective. Topics covered are globalized effects of land and resource use changes (from commons to state and private ownership as well as open access), grabbing processes (land and commons grabbing, green grabbing via conservation) and their impact on „ecological crises“ (food security, landscape destruction, biodiversity loss, climate change) and local resilience from an intersectional perspective (gender, generation, class) as well as the role of green anti-politics machines (Ferguson) discourses to legitimate grabs.


Edited by Tobias Haller


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