Kommunikation und Kulturen/Cultures and Communication

In our increasingly globalized world, communication between
cultures is attracting more and more attention. It is becoming
increasingly clear that successful intercultural or transcultural
communication is developed through mediation processes,
rather than by simple `transmission of knowledge‘ alone.
Unfortunately, this understanding is often arrived at too late,
only after conflicts or miscommunication have occurred. By that
time, the opportunity for analysing the communication process
has often been lost, in part because communicators may be
unwilling to collaborate with `outside‘ professionals on such an
analysis. It is also true that while some sophisticated
communication concepts have proven themselves to be
indispensable for intercultural training, therapeutic interventions
or the teaching of language and culture within an intercultural
framework, such concepts and models are only credible when
firmly grounded on theory-based research. This series is
therefore motivated by the goal of contributing to well-founded,
differentiated and interdisciplinary research on psychological,
cultural-anthropological, media-related, hermeneutical, literary,
medical, pedagogical, educational and policy-related aspects of
communication between cultures.

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Prof. Dr. Jörg Roche


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