Berliner China-Hefte - Chinese History and Society

Chinese History and Society/Berliner China-Hefte is a semi-annual academic
journal. It contains articles, conference reports, and reviews. Topics
cover contemporary developments in the Chinese world, as well as modern
Chinese history. The journal is devoted to interdisciplinary approaches,
critical and innovative topics. We welcome contributions from younger
academics from all over the world, especially the Chinese world itself.

Contact and Submission of Manuscripts

Chinese History and Society/Berliner China-Hefte, Freie Universität
Berlin, Ostasiatisches Seminar, Ehrenbergstr. 26-28, 14195 Berlin, Germany


Edited by Mechthild Leutner

Editorial Management:
Hauke Neddermann

Editorial Advisory Board

Marianne Bastid-Bruguière (Paris),
Jens Damm (Tübingen),
Bettina Gransow (Berlin),
Maria Jaschok (Oxford),
Katja Levy (Berlin),
Nicola Spakowski (Freiburg),
Andreas Steen (Aarhus),
Mikhail Titarenko (Moscow),
Zhang Guogang (Beijing)

ISSN 1860-2290


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